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Batshit Leo
I usually do this only for Tumblr and my Facebook friends, but figured I'd post it here. To those who can't wait for scanlations, this is a translation of sorts in paragraph/narrative form. A few parts I can't understand have no translation.

12th-Jul-2009 11:59 am - LOLSCHOOL (Actually, it ain't so LOL)
So, I've already spent 4 weeks in this new school term. Things are going OK... I guess. Some things about this term make me lol, some make me grr, and some just make me wtf.

Negai kanaeru kagi...Collapse )

Oh joy.
27th-Jun-2009 10:04 am - Icon Post ♫♫♫
Batshit Leo
I just realized I haven't showcased my icons like, ever. So, here they are. All are Tales, Pandora Hearts and 07-Ghost by the way. The Tales ones vary, but the PH ones are all of Elliot Nightray and the 07G ones are all of Hakuren &65. There're a few Haruhi too. By the way, some of these were made within a few seconds, especially the Elliot ones. They're actually only for my Yahoo Messenger icons, as emoticons and stuff. So yeah, QUALITY >_>..

First off, thanks for all the get well soon comments from everyone XD. And now, I'm all better ^__^/

Tomorrow's Father's Day, and my mom and I were discussing what we could do for my dad. My little brother, a five year-old, was with us in the room, watching 07-Ghost with me (lol as if he understood what was going on in the show).

And then all of a sudden, my little brother blurts out (in the cutest way possible 'cause I have this little brother fetish that everything my little brother does I see as adorably and irresistibly cute):

"'Di ba dapat ate meron ding Brothers' Day at Sisters' Day para tayo din mag celebrate, Ate?"

which is translated as "Isn't it there should also be a Brothers' Day and Sisters' Day so that we can also celebrate, Oneechan?"

He just made me go "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ♥♥♥" on the inside (and one of these days I swear I'll train him to actually call me "oneechan" XD)

EDIT: And I was trying to get my mind off of Genetics for a bit, so I changed my Multiply's banner and stuff... 'cause it was originally a frog from one of the default templates >_>.
18th-Jun-2009 07:40 pm - .... ;A;... -sigh-
oz is awesome
Rants about my life:

1.) I'm sick. I have a fever fluctuating from 37C to 38C.
2.) Because of that stupid A(H1N1) virus thing, anyone with a temperature of 37.5C and up are not allowed to enter my school (we have a thermo scanner thingy now). Though I managed to lower my temperature by overdosing myself with Paracetamol and Vitamin C. I have a feeling that's bad.
3.) I come home and go to the PC to relax, and I see WTF posts in the threads I frequent over at the Tales Forums. Just made my fever rise, damn it.

4.) Homework I don't want to touch 'cause I feel so damn SICK.
5.) I don't like tonight's dinner.
Batshit Leo
AC has this little feature in the site called AMV of the Month. That's where I post good AMVs I find in YouTube/DailyMotion so that they can get more recognition. The past few months, I've been having difficulty finding GOOD ones... and have been seeing really ridiculous ones.

So... for me, exactly what makes an AMV/GMV good? Here's my take on the matter:

*Note: All image examples done here are done by me. I will not point out actual AMVs that are... ugh.

And see me rant tooCollapse )

In conclusion: AMV-making is not simply grabbing a bunch of clips and putting them together. It's an art, as well as a hobby. All people can make GOOD AMVs, all it takes is practice, and the understanding of what makes a GOOD AMV.
Evil Oz
Time to rant about school life again.

So, today is the first day of enrollment for my classmates and I. I was patiently waiting for their SMS message to tell me to come, or to tell me exactly when they would enroll.

And what do I get? I get a call from another classmate (who hasn't enrolled yet) telling me that my so-called "friends" (well, scratch that) had already enrolled themselves. Did I get a single SMS message about this? Not one.

I am angry, yes. I really am. But what I don't get is why I'm laughing right now. I don't know if Oz's -pointsaticon- twisted attitude, but I actually knew it was going to be like this. I guess I'm laughing right now because the words "oh lol I knew it" are swimming in my head.

Aaanyway, back to stuff.
18th-May-2009 07:37 am - BORED DESU.
But these 3 pages made my day ♥.


Hakuren being an idiot? Check.
Chibi Castor and Labrador? Check.
Labrador being adorable? Check.
Labrador giving out flowers? Check.
"Mother is mother"? Check.
Awesome shot of Teito in the end? Check.

4th-May-2009 02:21 pm - Oh LOL My experment, it WORKED!!!
Evil Oz
Oh LOL My experment, it WORKED!!!

Uhh, some if you may think twice about me after this XDD;;; -runs-

Anyway, I've been in the Tales Forums, AC Forums, some other forums for a long while now (3-4 years?), and everyone knows how I am there: post my opinions, silent about other fights there, just shrug off whatever's happening, etc. You know me, I'm neutral XD.

Aaaanyway, we all know there are a lot of sarcastic and negative people in these forums (not mentioning who), and I noticed, with the Tales Forums being a forum targeting the Western side of the world (and AC too, I think, even if I'm the one running that even though I'm from the Phils), sarcastic remarks are usually just seen as normal posts, or ignored.

So, I did a little experiment. The Western audiences are pretty much adept at accepting sarcastic remarks, so I wondered... how about my fellow Filipinos? Are they able to accept sarcastic and negative remarks without making such a WHOA MAN big deal about it? Well, let's see!

I did this little experiment in my actual school's forum. LOL YES my school's forum xD. I don't know why, but I had no other forums to test it out on (without making a bad reputation lol), and to be honest, it's my school's forum (like, more than half of the school population don't even know it exists... much less make a forum WORK). And I needed a Filipino forum to test this out on.

How did I test it out? I joined the forum (I think this is my second account, 'cause the first one I forgot the password and such), and then what...? I acted like a total jerk. Like, every post I saw there, regardless of content, I replied with negative or sarcastic remarks.

OK, at first, I thought the Filipino forum members are the same as, let's say, the Tales Forums. My posts were either ignored or replied to normally. This went on for a few weeks (3, I think).
I was going to mark it off as a failed experiment, but then this one guy replied in an attacking manner, though the problem with his reply is that he replied to one of my "normal" posts, not my negative ones. Hrm, that guy didn't really reply back, so crossed out.
And I went MIA from the forums for a while, because I was dead bored, and had better things to do, like AC's ver3 (and Apollo Justice xD).
When I came back however, I see this. As I saw this, I was ecstatic! My experiment worked xD!! Someone finally reacted!

So anyway, I wasn't done just yet. I replied in my usual negative manner. I made a long post which was intended to make someone go tl;dr, and indeed, the poster probably went tl;dr on me (if... they actually know what tl;dr is. I noticed in my school forum that some people don't even know what the basic "btw" means).

So, I got my desired results, and I'm done with this experiment. And lol at the guy saying I should act accordingly because this is an "official forum". LOL, compare this forum to the official Tales of Series Forums, this is like a poorly run public forum. I find myself -facepalming- at the number of spammed posts/threads, TxT msseGeS, DOUBLE POSTERS (asadsfdgd) and not to mention WUT posts that the so-called moderators have ignored up until now. I applaud Lunar, Ryuu and Shinryu for their moderating in the Tales Forums, they actually keep everything in order.... up to the point that I actually PM Lunar regularly to ask if I've accumulated any points (the points you get for violating any of the rules, that if they reach a certain amount, you get suspended/banned from the Tales Forums).

... I can be evil sometimes xDDD... -runs-

Well... XD:

Now if you'll all excuse me, I'm back to my playing FE:Radiant Dawn ♥♥♥~
Batshit Leo
I don't know why, but I'm feeling pretty BAD right now. I have no idea WHY, but after I took a bath tonight, my body felt real different (Like, I took a bath with cursed water or something >_>). My stomach feels weird, my legs feel really weak, my hands shiver when I hold them up, my head feels like jelly and my throat feels like there's something stuck in it X__X... Please don't let this be serious T__T.

So I'm going to take everyone's advice and take a break... just for today >_>;;. It's 10pm here, and I'm off to bed now. Good night /o/.
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